Trees and herons....two of my favorite forms in nature! Here, I have imagined a heron taking flight, framed by a weeping cherry. It's sister piece "Under the Weeping Cherry #2" has also just been added to the site.

My process in making these pieces starts with preparing a thick copper plate (shaping, sanding and cleaning). Then, I painstakingly apply the gold size (adhesive) using a tiny paint brush. The 24k gold leaf will only stick where I have applied the size. Once this has set for a day, I create heat patinas by running my torch over the piece. This part of the process is challenging, unpredictable and wonderfully rewarding. The danger of overheating and burning off the gold leaf is ever present, which makes the successes that much sweeter.

Each piece is sealed with lacquer to protect the gold and the flame patina.


Under the Weeping Cherry #1 is 9" x 9" framed, and is completely one of a kind.

Under the Weeping Cherry #1