My newest one of a kind pieces move my work with 24K gold leaf and flame patina into wall art. 

I use the same technique I have been developing on my boxes and jewelry: applying the 24K gold leaf by hand, and then using my torch to create the flame patina.

Each piece is lacquered to protect the gold and patina before being floated over a deep brown mat in a bronze frame. 

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Herons in the Moonlight Triptych. 10" x 22"

Hummingbird in the Cherry Blossoms -  12" x 16"
This piece has sold.

Iris Wallpiece. - 5" x 5"

This piece has sold.

Herons in the Moonlight #5 - 9" x 9"

Night Flight #4 -  9" x 9"

Dragonflies in the Bamboo -  8" x 10"

Assymetrical Triptych 2020.jpeg
Weeping Cherry Triptych.jpg